Birth preparation workshops

The next workshop is Sunday 3rd February 2019 10am -2pm Venue Sherwood Community Centre, Woodthorpe House, Mansfield Road, Nottingham  54 pounds per couple

Please contact us to register your interest. We can advise you on workshop dates and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.  Use the contact us form, email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0115 841 5879. 

A fantastic way to prepare for labour! This practical half-day workshop for women (over 30 weeks pregnant) and their birth partners is about getting information out of your head and into practice. You'll feel prepared and confident through actual practice of working together to help birth your baby.

In the workshop there is little sitting around as the emphasis is practical and hands on. You'll learn to breathe through contractions, discover coping skills, birthing positions, movement that assists contractions, different ways to use a birthing ball, massages for labour, visualisations and other alternative ways to help with labour. Many of these practices are not covered in other antenatal classes.

You'll also be introduced to how underlying yoga philosophy can help prepare you for birth and parenthood and you'll practice tools for working together through the early postnatal period.

As well as being physically supportive, partners also learn breathing techniques to help labouring women to cope, so that the dad-to-be can be a gently reassuring presence at the birth.  A calm and prepared partner is often cited as one of the best supports a woman can have for birth.  

We also give practical advice on what you might need with you in terms of kit, wherever you may choose to have your baby, hospital or home.  

No flexibility or special clothing required.  Most of the fathers-to-be and some of the mothers-to-be who attend this workshop have no prior experience of yoga.

This workshop will include a 'labour snacks', available throughout, such as fruit, health food bars, oat biscuits and... um.. chocolate!  Ensure you do have a good breakfast beforehand. 

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