About us

Hannah Malhotra

I first practised yoga at the age of fourteen, and have now been teaching for thirteen years.  My original yoga training was over 500 hours. I am also accredited and insured as a teacher by the British Wheel of Yoga.

In 2005 my first child arrived, and my yoga teaching took a new curve.  For six months, from when my little boy was six weeks old, I studied the British Wheel of Yoga's Postnatal Yoga module.  Then I retrained again as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher with The Life Centre.  

My other main qualifications for the work I do are of course my children, who have taught me so much.  Children challenge us for sure and they can also open up the greatest parts of us: our compassion, patience, love, and countless acts of selflessness.

Yoga has helped me to cope and thrive throughout the pregnancies, births and first years of both my children. I am so grateful to the practices and teachings I have learned through years of practice, and continue to learn and adapt to the realilty of family life. I am also deeply grateful to the many hundreds of students who have come through The Yoga Village (previously The Yoga Home) and continue to teach us so much through their experiences. Having babies transforms women, men and their families and it is vital that this happens with lots of support. The Yoga Village aims to provide some of this support through yoga practices and through its fluid community of new and established families.

Ameet Malhotra

I have practised yoga in its many forms since childhood. Qualified to teach yoga in a variety of traditions, I have also completed courses with the Life Centre and am insured and accredited through the British Wheel of Yoga. The Yoga Village is a chance for us to share all that we know and love about yoga and make it practical, accessible and enjoyable for our students. I apply what I know about yoga to family life - and continue to learn with our students.

I am committed to finding new ways in which yoga can help make real changes to the experience of life.  I have been teaching yoga for 12 years and have worked in a diverse range of environments including prisons, businesses, leisure centres and health clubs.  In 2007 when Hannah was pregnant I also trained to teach pregnancy yoga, and in addition I completed an extended apprenticeship to teach birth preparation workshops. Having twice been a birth partner myself I am committed to supporting women, and to enabling men to be positively involved in labour and birthing.  To this end I have taught birth preparation workshops at two London hospitals and continue to run regular day workshops in Nottingham.

I am a qualified Occupational Therapist, and while gaining experience in the medical and hospital environment I am also conducting research into Yoga Nidra. 

We moved to Nottingham four weeks before our son was born in 2005, and through all the changes I have learned something about the beauty and challenges that parenthood brings, and this inspires me to work with families.

Our children

Our son, Rohan, was born in 2005.  His birth story is published in a book entitled 'Home Birth Stories' which was edited and published by a Nottingham midwife in 2005.  Our daughter, Mala, was born in 2008.  Her birth story is included in Hannah's blog 'yoga helped me have a joyful birth'.  The children are of course two of our best teachers!

Continued Professional Development

Hannah and Ameet are both highly qualified teachers of yoga and pregnancy yoga, and Hannah is also qualified as a postnatal yoga teacher.  Our training amounts to a minimum of nine years between us - including our yoga teacher training, pregnancy and postnatal training, and birth workshop training.  As we also continue to invest in our training this is infact much more!  Recently we studied on a meditation course over eight months; Hannah has assisted on a Yoga Nidra training course for other yoga teachers, over nine months; and Ameet, while embarking on his Occupational Therapy MSc, conducted research into Yoga Nidra.  In other words we invest in our training and we are confident that we offer a high level of teaching.