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Yoga for pregnancy, birth and for you with baby at The Yoga Village

The Yoga Village (formerly The Yoga Home) is a specialist family yoga practice in Nottingham.  We've recently celebrated our eighth anniversary of teaching pregnancy and postnatal yoga in Nottingham, and in that time we've supported over one thousand families in the area. Recommended by doctors and midwives we provide high quality teaching and family friendly classes in a safe and supportive environment.  We have between us done nine years of specialist yoga training - though as we continue to invest in our yoga training it is infact much more!  We provide mats, cushions and blankets for your comfort.  Our classes are totally accessible and for every woman - many of our students have never done yoga before.

We feel in our hearts how yoga has helped so many families at the life changing time of pregnancy, birth, the postnatal months, and beyond. The warmth of the feedback we get continues to motivate and inspire us.  Whether it's your first child or your fifth we are confident that our classes will help you cope with the changes, connect to your baby and improve your wellbeing.

A large percentage of our students are recommended to us by their friends, and this is something we're really proud of. We are also happy that many friendships are made in our classes (and through our private community Facebook group - see link below), and that the supportive friendships found in pregnancy yoga or postnatal yoga are a new mother's and her baby's first community of friends.

Please feel free to call us about any of our classes - we will be very happy to help!  Or please have a look around our website to find out more about our services. You can book online too.  We look forward to hearing from you soon - Thanks for looking!

  Joining our private community Facebook group opens up a network of over    300 local mothers with lots of information and advice at their fingertips.  Baby pics are always welcome and new mums can find their first mummy friends and networks here...  You are also invited to 'Like' our FB page The Yoga Village and keep up to date with workshops and blogs.

It's great to have a Yoga Nidra relaxation at home to use whenever you like. To order Hannah's pregnancy and postnatal Yoga Nidra and deep relaxation CDs contact us; £8 + 99p p&p.

Hannah and Ameet are both highly qualified teachers of yoga and pregnancy yoga, and Hannah is also qualified as a postnatal yoga teacher.  Our training amounts to a minimum of nine years between us - including our yoga teacher training, pregnancy and postnatal training, and birth workshop training.  As we also continue to invest in our training this is infact much more!  (For example in 2013 we have undertaken a meditation course over eight months; also Hannah has assisted on a Yoga Nidra training course over nine months, and Ameet, while embarking on his Occupational Therapy MSc, is conducting research into Yoga Nidra).  In other words we invest in our training and we are confident that we offer a high level of teaching.